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Fogging Machines Market Analysis of Key Trends and Drivers Shaping Future Growth 2027

A fogging machine is used to generate fog or smoke. It is a device that emits a dense vapor which appears similar to smoke or fog. The fuel tank of a fogging machine is filled with a chemical. Fog is generated from the machine using either thermal energy or chilled. The temperature of fogging machines varies according to the type of chemical used to create fog. Different types of chemicals are utilized to generate various types of fog or smoke. These types of fogging machines is used to protect the stock, plant, public health etc. from insects, virus and mosquito. Additionally, fogging machines are used in media & entertainment industry to create smoke or fog effects for a movies or series. Fogging machines are of two types: thermal fogging machine and cold fogging machine.

Fogging Machines Market: Competitive Landscape

Curtis Dyna-Fog, Ltd

Established in 1947, Curtis Dyna-Fog, Ltd manufactures, distributes, and develops valves for the automotive and aircraft industry. The company offers products such as insect vector control, truck mount thermal, truck mount cold fogger, handheld thermal, backpack cold fogger, miniature light traps, Tornado, Mister III, Cyclone Ultra II, Nightstar, Red Bird, Blue Bird, And Hurricane Ultra II.

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pulsFOG Dr. Stahl & Sohn GmbH

Founded in 1968, pulsFOG Dr. Stahl & Sohn GmbH is situated in Überlingen, Germany. The company manufactures and designs fogging machines for various end-user such as human being, animals, and crops. The company provides cold fogger and thermal fogger. It offers fogging machines for pest control, plant protection, livestock hygiene, and stored products.

  • Increase in Demand for Effective Pest Management in Agriculture

Rising adoption of cold fogging machines in the agriculture industry is expected to fuel the demand for fogging machines in the next few years. This is primarily because chemicals used in cold fogging machines are in a concentrated form which may improve the efficiency of killing of pests in agricultural land. Furthermore, cold fogging machines do not produce thick fog and they are less hazardous. Thus, increase in demand for effective pest management in the agricultural industry is one of the major factors which is anticipated to boost the global fogging machines market in the near future.

Increasing number of insects, mosquito, nuisance etc. further accelerate the fogging machines market growth globally. Rising demand for plant protection from insects further accelerate the market growth across the world. Increasing government regulations and initiatives towards save tree is projected to boost the market globally. Rising concerns about the safety of food material stock is augment to fuel the market. Increasing death rate of wild animals due to insects or virus is anticipated to increase the demand of fogging machines market.

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