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Dental Compressors Market : Growth Opportunities & Technology Developments by 2023

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Global Dental Compressors Market: Overview 

Dental compressors pressurize surrounding air to be used in dental procedures. Compressed air quality is dependent on inlet air and the air quality in the compressor. Most dental compressors have a dryer to eliminate moisture. The two common types of dryers included in dental compressors are desiccant and membrane.

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Dental compressors are gauged from their air compressing capacity, which is a combination of volume output, duty cycle, and chamber size. Capacity and reliability of compressors is related as several compressors have a limited duty cycle – the uptime that a compressor is functional without cooling off.

Dental compressors have heads, each of which has one or more pistons. While some models have a single head, others employ a multihead design. Heads used in compressors should be made of good quality materials and designed to eliminate heat. Components should be serviceable and should not need to be replaced in the event of a breakdown. For instance, antifriction coatings such as Teflon is extensively used to minimize piston wear.

The publication on the global dental compressors market presents insights into market indicators, growth trends, and product developments that are important to comprehend the growth curve of the said market over the forecast period. The market study presents market size estimates and revenue projections based on past performance and current figures. The analysis presented in the market study helps existing as well as new players formulate gainful competitive strategies to stay ahead in the competition. 

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Global Dental Compressors Market: Trends and Opportunities 

Across the world, increasing awareness about the importance of oral health and the consequent increase in number of dental procedures is the primary factor driving the dental compressors market. As per the World Health Organization, 60%-90% of children in their school years and almost 100% adults have dental cavities.

Furthermore, increasing unhealthy practices such as smoking, consumption of tobacco leading to oral health problems is also driving the market’s growth. The increasing prevalence of gum diseases due to a host of reasons such as age, poor brushing practices, etc. is also aiding growth of the dental compressors market. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 4%-6% adults are affected by advanced gum disease in the U.S. each year. 

Global Dental Compressors Market: Regional Outlook 

The global dental compressors market is divided into four broad regions, namely North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World (RoW). Amongst these, North America is the leading regional market for dental compressors followed by Europe. In these regions, a high level of awareness for dental health leading to an increasing demand for dental procedures such as filling, bonding, crowns and caps, etc. combined with an increasing prevalence of oral diseases is driving the dental compressors market.

Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as one of the most lucrative markets for dental compressors. This is due an increasing population with dental health problems, increasing spending on health and well-being, and increasing awareness about the importance of oral health among the urban population of China and India. 

Global Dental Compressors Market: Competitive Landscape 

Some of the key players in the global dental compressors market are Kaeser Dental, Metasys, Gnatus, Air Techniques Inc., Ritter Dental USA, Fedesa, Midmark, DÜRR DENTAL AG, Mestra, Cattani S.p.A., and Diplomat Dental Solutions among others.

Each of the companies is profiled for their distinguishing business attributes of product portfolio, competitive standing, and financials.

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