Perch Market Extensive Growth Opportunities to be Witnessed by 2028

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Despite various ups and downs aquaculture continues to accelerate at a steady pace and is among the fastest growing food sectors in the world. Perch is a common name for fish of the genus Perca, freshwater gamefish that belongs to the Percidae family. The burgeoning seafood industry is driving the sales of rich-in protein and selenium, perch fish as they are both delicious & nutritious and make a viable source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Numerous perch-associated health benefits are driving their adoption for making healthy seafood dishes. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends biweekly consumption of seafood, which is further likely to fuel growth in the perch market.

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The growing consumption of perch varieties is primarily attributed to their tasty and firm meat. As yellow perch carries a firm texture, mildly sweet taste, and adapts to various cuisines, the adoption of this fish is anticipated to grow further in the seafood industry. This will further underpin gains in the perch market.

Companies operating in the Perch Market are increasingly focusing on providing various variants of frozen fish to appeal to a wide-based of consumers who seek ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat eatables. The growing competition in the seafood industry is propelling the companies to incorporate advanced technology in food processing to provide contamination-proof offerings. Furthermore, growing fish-contamination related allergy concerns are likely to trigger the adoption of innovative product processing techniques in the perch market.

Perch Market Introduction:

There is a positive outlook in global seafood industry as the demand surges for multiple species in market across the world. It is estimated that 2.3% hike in global fish production. The aggregate global seafood demand surged in 2017, supported by improving economic environment in both developed and developing region. The value of global fish trade has risen more than US$ 150bn in 2017. Perch fish are freshwater species belonging to the family Percidea. There are over 6000 species of perch fish, spread across different geographical location. Perch is a deep bodied fish with two large and erect dorsal fins, the first fin has an array of strong and sharp spines. Perch are generally found in still water and often frequent the shallows. Perch are easy to catch and are normally attracted to the color red. Perch are usually very numerous wherever they are found and are consequently the size of fish is very small.

Perch Market Dynamics.

Perch fish are consumed all over the world and this fish generates substantial amount of income all over the world. This popularity of perch will become a demand driver for perch market in the near future. International trade in fishing industry has experienced sustained demand from a number of traditional import market like the U.S., Japan, France and Spain which is expected to drive the growth of global Perch market in near future. The rising initiatives taken by government organization for growth of fishing industry is expected to drive the growth of perch market in the near future. Perch fish is used for finding abundant volumes but the pollution in fresh water streams have declined the population of perch fish, which will negatively affect the expansion of perch market in the near future.

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Market segmentation for Perch market:

Perch market can be segmented on the basis of species, method of fishing, habitat and distribution channel. On the basis of species perch market can be segmented into three types: European perch market, balkhash Perch market and yellow perch market. The European perch is found in Europe and Asia perch market. The species is typically greenish in color with dark vertical bars on its side with red and orange coloring in the tips of its fins. The balkhash perch are found in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China perch market, while the yellow perch are found in United States and Canada perch market. On the basis of method of fishing, perch market can be segmented into surf fishing perch market and floater fishing perch market. On the basis of habitat, the perch market can be segmented into fresh water perch market and salt water perch market. On the basis distribution channel, Perch market can be segmented into government authorized fish auctioneers, fish peddlers, wholesale fish market and retailers.

Regional Outlook for Perch Market:

Perch market can be segmented into six region, North America, Latin America, Europe, APEJ, Japan and MEA. North America is expected to lead the demand for perch market as the significant growth in the export value of perch in North America has increased. There are a significant number of seafood hungry buyers in the large established markets of United States of America. North America is expected to increase its contribution in the world perch market and the production is expected to remain stable. Latin America is also expected to see significant increase in the total export value of perch market in the near future. Increased competition in domestic market of Europe and increased demand of perch is expected to act as demand driver for perch market in Europe. Asia and particularly China remains the global driver for perch market development on both the supply side and demand side in the near future. Japan is also expected to compete with other countries in terms of demand and supply of perch market in the future. Middle East and Africa is expected to act as demand driver of perch market in the coming years.

Market Players in Perch Market

The trends in Perch market and fishing industry is evolving with number of player working in market such as M & J Seafood, Pike perch fish exporter, Ocean perch fish exporter, DC freshwater fish, Robert wholey company and furnace mill fishery. Additional demand will keep the prices up in the international markets. Regular supply with the increasing demand is expected to drive the global perch market in the near future.

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