VOC Sensors and Monitors Market – Key Players and Production Information analysis with Forecast 2018 – 2028

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VOC Sensors and Monitors Market – Introduction

VOC sensing and monitoring devices are novel technological advancements, which have been finding extensive rate of adoption by the scientists and researchers for keeping a close check on the air quality. A VOC sensor incorporated ventilation system have been gaining significant traction in recent times, on account of its cost-efficiency, user-friendliness, and portability.

The VOC sensors and monitors market has been witnessing an upward growth trend and the sales of the devices equaled to nearly US$ 145 Mn in 2018. Surging law enforcement acts apropos of the occupational wellbeing of the workers operating in the confined industrial vicinity is among the chief growth driver of the VOC sensors and monitors market. Beside this, increasing concerns pertaining to the air quality, on the back of the rising levels of VOCs, especially in the developing countries is predicted to bode well for the growth of the VOC sensors and monitors market in the forthcoming years.

VOC Sensors and Monitors Market – Novel Developments Honeywell, based in the U.S., announced the launch of Honeywell BW™ Ultra monitors in May 2018 that is competent to ensure the safety of workers in confined spaces. To enhance the desirability, user-friendly design and features were allocated to the product. The product is said to be capable of detecting a number of gases with rugged design and convenient operation, which takes the safety of the workers to the very next level. The product boasts Bluetooth-enabled cloud connectivity and enables the monitoring of a lone worker. In March 2018, Aeroqual entered into a productive agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to pave a way towards offering low-cost air quality sensing equipment. Bound to the agreement, the researchers of these institutions will mainly concentrate upon the performance of the sensor, calibration of the sensor, enhancement and expansion capabilities, and applications of the sensor. In October 2017, Aeroqual announced that it has developed a cost-effective, portable, and lower power consuming device as compared to AQM65, AQS monitoring platform, that boasts the efficacy to sense Ozone, Nitrogen Oxide, and particulate matter.

Some of the most prominent competitors operating in the competitive landscape of global VOC sensors and monitors market include – FIGARO GfG Instrumentation Riken KEIKI Compur Monitors Spectrex USHIO Global Detection Systems Extech Siemens Aeroqual Honeywell Drägerwerk Alphasense ams AG

These players have been endeavoring towards consolidating their positions in the VOC sensors and monitors market by making hefty investments in the research and development of novel products, which further aids them in regards to diversifying their product portfolio.

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VOC Sensors and Monitors Market – Dynamics

Environmental Sensing Application to Bolster the Growth of the VOC Sensors and Monitors Market

According to data extracted from a World Health Organization’s (WHO) report, the outdoor pollution level has increased to 8% in the last five years and the highly growing cities in the developing countries have been adversely affected by pollution. With the rise in the level of air pollution at an alarming rate, the demand for VOC sensors and monitors tools have been increasing to keep a check on the air quality. Besides this, government initiatives in the direction of controlling air pollution have simultaneously inspired the use of these devices, which is predicted to deliver sustained growth prospects to the VOC sensors and monitors market in the forthcoming years.

North America to Acquire a Sizeable Share of the VOC Sensors and Monitors Market

A large share of the VOC sensors and monitors market is acquired by the North American market, on the back of the use of the sensing devices in underground transportation systems and commercial buildings.

North America’s status as the world’s second large-scale producer of natural gas also has an influence on market growth. Additionally, the region holds a significant position in the mining and excavation activities, which demands these devices to ensure a safe workplace for the workers and keep health hazardous incidences at bay. This trend is expected to help the market reach an impressive value in the forthcoming years.

VOC Sensors and Monitors Market – Restraint

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High Energy Consumption of Devices Could Reflect Negatively on the Market

While VOC sensors and monitors have been gaining popularity, technical issues apropos of the size of the tools coupled with high energy consumption of the devices could act as an impeder to the market growth. In addition, the temperature of the tools apace with the technical concerns could hinder the growing market. However, with the intense competition prevailing in the VOC sensors and monitors market, manufacturers of air quality control tools have been investing their resources for the development of the tools that can offset these challenges and amplify the adoption rate of their devices, which is expected to bear lucrative opportunities for the market.

VOC Sensors and Monitors Market – Segmentation

The VOC sensors and monitors market can be classified on the basis of the following: Device Type Application Geography

VOC Sensors and Monitors Market Segmentation – By Device Type

Depending on the device type, the VOC sensors and monitors market can be divided into: Sensors Monitors

VOC Sensors and Monitors Market Segmentation – By Application

Based on the application, the VOC sensors and monitors market can be segmented into: Industrial Process Monitoring Environmental Monitoring Air Purification and Monitoring Leak Detection

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