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Biohacking Market Explored in Latest Research

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The health care sector has been undergoing a gamut of changes in term of technologies. Bio hacking is also growing along the way with development in the field of medical care facilities. Technology has led to easy bio hacking such as blood pressure monitoring, steps walked, burning calories, etc. This is leading to high demand for smart wearable devices, leading to the growth of the global biohacking market.

Bio Hacking Implants to Augment Growth in Global Bio Hacking Market

The humans have limitations, but they are known to challenge this aspect and push their way beyond their limits. In other words, they are not limited by their limitations. These are possible through body implants such as magnetic, RFID, etc.

Magnetic: One can get a tiny magnet implanted into their body to locate tiny object or pick them up. A classic example of this is a man named Rich Lee; a well-known bio-hacker placed a tiny magnet on his earlobes to without any ear buds.

The future of bio- hacking looks impressive with the way it has been making technological advancement in the field. The reason for growth will be due to enhancement in the prevailing capabilities and the achieving goals that were not possible without such technologies.

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Despite the body limitations we humans may carry out bio hacking in such a way that we may become superhuman in future. However, there are possibilities that these bio hacking may not be positive always, which means the anti-social elements may use them for malicious activities, lack of skills may hinder the growth of the global bio hacking market. Regardless of such constraints the bio hacking market is expected to grow beyond everything as future depends on generation next technologies such as artificial intelligence and IoT which may prove beneficial in bio hacking.

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