Ursodeoxycholic Acid Market Intelligence Report Offers Growth Prospects 2018 – 2028

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Global Ursodeoxycholic Acid market by TMRR

The market study suggests that the global Ursodeoxycholic Acid market has been evolving with a CAGR of xx% over the historic period of 2014-2018, pegging ~US$ xx Bn/Mn in 2018. Realizing the surging demand from consumers, increasing buying capacity, and higher reimbursements, analysts at TMRR find that the Ursodeoxycholic Acid market is expected to grow at a CAGR of xx% over the forecast timeframe 2019-2029.

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Segmentation Analysis of Ursodeoxycholic Acid Market:

Drivers and Restraints

Cholestatic liver diseases are at the forefront of driving demand in the global ursodeoxycholic acid market. Rising instances of gall stones and cystic fibrosis is in large part responsible for driving the market. As per 2015 data released by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, about 30,000 people are afflicted with cystic fibrosis in the U.S. alone.

Women are highly prone to having gallstones when compared to men. This is mainly because of the high levels of estrogen during pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, and usage of birth control pills. Further, older adults are also highly susceptible to gallstones along with those having a family history of gallstones. While surgery is the most widespread treatment for it, ursodeoxycholic acid can dissolve smaller stones formed mostly of cholesterol. This is having a positive impact on the market.

Certain side effects of UDCA, on the other hand, are preventing the ursodeoxycholic acid market from achieving its full potential. For instance, treatment with UDCA often leads to diarrhea. As per a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) published in 2017, the incidence of diarrhea in patients with gallstone being treated with UCDA is almost 2 to 9%. Besides, the treatment also leads to side effects such as vomiting, nausea, dry skin or itching, sleep disturbance, and headache. Cause of such side effects, it cannot be administered in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Global Ursodeoxycholic Acid Market: Trends and Opportunities

The two types of ursodeoxycholic acid available in the market are extraction ursodeoxycholic acid and synthetic ursodeoxycholic acid. Of the two, the synthetic ursodeoxycholic acid is more substantial. Ursodeoxycholic acid finds usage in health products and pharmacy. Between the two, the health products generate most of the demand.

Global Ursodeoxycholic Acid Market: Regional Analysis

With respect to geography, Europe at present rakes in maximum revenue in the global ursodeoxycholic acid market. This is primarily on the back of rising support of the government for liver diseases. Europe is not just the largest supplier of the product but also the largest consumer. North America ursodeoxycholic acid market is another prominent one because of the same reason. Surge in cases of cystic fibrosis is also having a positive impact on the market.

Global Ursodeoxycholic Acid Market: Competitive Landscape 

Some of the prominent participants in the global ursodeoxycholic acid market are Arcelor Chemicals, Abil Chempharma, Daewoong Chemical, Biotavia Labs, and Dipharma Francis. Market competition is intense. The overall ursodeoxycholic acid market is highly competitive and with consumer awareness will grow in future.

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The Ursodeoxycholic Acid market research addresses the following queries:

  1. How does the global Ursodeoxycholic Acid market looks like in the next decade?
  2. Why are Ursodeoxycholic Acid players focusing on the production of alternative Ursodeoxycholic Acid versions?
  3. At what rate is the global Ursodeoxycholic Acid market expected to grow over the forecast period in terms of volume?
  4. In which year region is set to surpass region in terms of value?
  5. Which end use industry is currently largest consumer of Ursodeoxycholic Acid ?

Crucial insights of the Ursodeoxycholic Acid market report:

  • Historical and future growth of the Ursodeoxycholic Acid market in terms of volume and value.
  • Changing adoption behavior among end use industries across various regions and countries.
  • Various regulatory norms imposed on the consumption of Ursodeoxycholic Acid .
  • Product launches, mergers & acquisitions, and market share of each stakeholder.
  • Basic information regarding the Ursodeoxycholic Acid – definition, classification and uses.

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