Report explores the Photoacoustic Tomography Market research likely to emerge over a period of 2017 – 2027

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Photoacoustic tomography is a type of biomedical imaging technique which uses the combination of optical and ultrasound technology for acquiring images of biological tissues without any usage of ionizing radiation or excising tissue. Photoacoustic tomography works on the photoacoustic effect, which converts absorbed optical energy into acoustic energy. Laser beam irradiation is used in this technique to locally heat up the tissues which thus produces ultrasound signals in between due to molecular vibrations caused by transient thermal absorption. This ultrasound data is used as the input for image constructing algorithm to visualize the inner structure of the tissue. Irradiated laser light wavelength is chosen to target blood, contrast agents, or other biological materials. The technique is able to provide both structural as well as functional optical information for tissues in deep with scalable ultrasound resolution. Increasing application of this technology in pre-clinical studies as well as potential applications in disease diagnosis and monitoring is leading to prospective growth of the market. Various studies have shown the use of photoacoustic tomography imaging technique in vivo for enormous applications such as blood oxygenation mapping, tumor angiogenesis monitoring, detecting skin melanoma, functional brain imaging, methemoglobin measuring, etc.

Various research activities have been conducted over the last decade and positive results on many diseases are investigated with photoacoustic tomography imaging technique such as cancer, wound healing, disorders in the brain, among others.

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Photoacoustic Tomography Market: Drivers & Restraints

Developments made by medical equipment manufacturers as well as research groups in the last few years lead to the adoption of photoacoustic tomography imaging technology in the medical sector which fuels the market growth over the forecast period. It also has technical advantages than other imaging techniques such as usage of low energy photon and ultrasound waves, higher spatial resolution, higher frame rates, and higher detection sensitivity. The photoacoustic technique also leads to a variety of exciting discoveries and applications anticipating the market growth over the years.  Certain limitations of the technique such as limited optical attenuation limits, mismatch of acoustic impedances in certain interfaces, phase distortion by ultrasound signals in thick bones along with the higher costs of equipment limits the market growth for photoacoustic tomography.

Photoacoustic Tomography Market: Segmentation

Segmentation by Application

  • Diagnosis & Monitoring
  • Clinical Research

Segmentation by End User

  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostics Imaging Centers
  • Academic and Research Institutes

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Photoacoustic Tomography Market: Overview

Photoacoustic Tomography is an evolving imaging technique having a great potential in preclinical research and clinical settings. Research is actively going on in this sector for developing advanced tomographic image reconstruction methods for photoacoustic tomography which would be changing the market scenario of the diagnostic imaging techniques. A research paper published in the Journal of Biomedical Optics proposed a cheaper alternative illumination source for photoacoustic imaging by the use of xenon flash lamps. With significant advantages over other imaging techniques, market for Photoacoustic Tomography would be gaining promising market size over the forecast period. Certain factors such as cost and profitability greatly affects the market. The applications of photoacoustic tomography imaging have expanded significantly in fundamental life sciences, and various clinical applications have also been proposed.  Various companies are also in the process of development of photoacoustic tomography systems which is going to make the market more competitive over the forecast period.

Photoacoustic Tomography Market: Region-wise Outlook

North America is leading the market for photoacousting tomography equipments with the increasing pre-clinical studies related to photoacoustic tomography in various academic and research institutes. This is followed by Western Europe in the trend of adoption of technology as well as government support in the development of innovative equipments and investment in research activities supports the market growth in the region. Japan also mark significant market share in the global photoacoustic tomography market. Latin America and APEJ represents the growing market in this direction but constitutes less market share over the forecast period. MEA region share the lowest market size in the photoacoustic tomography market.

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Photoacoustic Tomography Market Treatment Market: Key Players

Some of the players in the Photoacoustic Tomography service market involves Fujifilm VisualSonics Inc., PreXion, iThera Medical GmbH, Endra, Inc. and others.

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